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Adderley Street


Adderley Street was originally named Heerengracht, after the canal which ran down its centre. For many years it was a residential street, lined with large oak trees, but by 1850 it had become strongly commercial in character. Mayor Hercules Jarvis named it Adderley Street in 1850, to honour British Parliamentarian Charles Bowyer Adderley (elevated to the peerage as Baron Norton in 1878) who fought successfully against the plan for the British government to make Cape Town into another penal colony.

318 Adderley Street and Table MountainBesides being the home of the post office, the railway station, the first department stores, and the first hotels, Adderley has also been home to flower sellers. Freshly cut flowers – including fynbos species such as king and pincushion proteas, depending on the season – are available from the friendly flower sellers, where this trade has operated for the past 100 years. These flowers are generally a lot cheaper than anywhere else. 

At the top of Adderley street stands the Groote Kerk – the oldest church in South Africa – and the Company Gardens, which were established by Jan van Riebeeck after his arrival in the Cape in 1652. 

335 Adderley Street


342 Adderley Street and Stuttafords - one of the first big department stores


341 Adderley Street, GPO and the Grand Hotel

343 Adderley Street and the flower sellers



351 Adderley Street

The church now has some bigger neighbours

351 Modern Adderley Street

356 The flower cellers, 100 years in the same location

 The flower sellers are now protected from the burning sun

356 Flower cellers in the 21st century. Now under shade


320 Adderley Street and the trams


320 Adderley street now















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