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The Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club,  was one of the first surf clubs established in Australia in 1907. The club had very humble beginnings in a tram carriage. 

Cronulla beach came to international prominence with the novel and film Puberty Blues. 

The, film was  based on the 1979 novel Puberty Blues, by Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette and directed by Bruce Beresford.  In the film, the girls attempt to create a popular social status by ingratiating themselves with the "Greenhill gang" of surfers. 

382 Shelly Beac, Cronulla

283 Still waiting?


Cronulla is derived from kurranulla, meaning ‘‘place of the pink seashells’’ in the dialect of the area's Aboriginal inhabitants, the Dharawal people. The beaches were named by Surveyor Robert Dixon who surveyed here in 1827-28 and by 1840, the main beach was still known as Karranulla. 

380 Cronulla Beach

 380 Anyone for a swim?

Matthew Flinders and George Bass explored and mapped the coastline and Port Hacking estuary in 1796 and the southernmost point of Cronulla is named Bass and Flinders Point, in their honour. Thomas Holt (1811–88) owned most of the land that stretched from Sutherland to Cronulla in the 1860s.

381 Gunamatta Bay

The area around the bay was subdivided in 1895 and land was offered for sale at 10 pounds per acre. In 1899, the government named the area Gunnamatta, which means sandy hills. On 26 February 1908 it was officially changed to Cronulla and Gunnamatta was used for the name of the bay, on the western side. 

 207 Leaving Cronulla Beach

207 Very different beach attire


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