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"Nalawa Daruganora" or "Sit down on Darug land".

This is the traditional greeting in the language of the local Darug people. The original inhabitants of Parramatta were the Burramatta clan of the Darug people after which Parramatta was named ('burra' meaning eel and 'matta' meaning creek). 

214 Parramatta Park Gates214 Parramatta Park GatesParramatta Park was the Government Domain from 1788 until March 1857 when approximately 200 acres was designated as a public park.  The Tudor style gatehouse built in 1884 replacing Macquarie’s lodge at the George Street entrance.


Lake Parramatta (Parramatta Dam)  is a man-made reservoir located near Parramatta in the Western Sydney. The masonry arch-walled dam across Hunts Creek was completed in 1856 to supply water for domestic purposes; and was operational until 1909. 

The dam has since been decommissioned and the lake and the surrounding nature reserve are a popular recreational area.  


215 Parramatta Dam

215 Parramatta Dam












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