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The first public zoo in NSW officially opened in Sydney in 1884 on a site known as Billy Goat Swamp in Moore Park, now known as Kippax Lake.  The zoo was operated by the Zoological Society of NSW which was founded in March 1879.   This is the location of this postcard.  The first elephants arrived in 1883 and a few months later arrangements were made for public rides.  Elephant rides were stopped sometime in the late 1970's. Opposite Kippax Lake today stands the Sydney Football Stadium. 

229 Zoological Gardens

Albert Sherbourne Le Souef,  the elected Secretary of the zoo, visited  Germany in 1908.  He returned with a vision for a new Sydney zoo, based on the bar-less exhibits of Hamburg Zoo. The Zoo's site at Moore Park had become too small and was not suited to the new vision. A new site for the zoo was sought and on April 24th, 1912 the NSW Government granted 43 acres of land north of the harbour which were part of Ashton Park. Another 9 acres were granted four years later. 

Management of the zoo passed, in 1913,  to a Trust named the New Zoological Gardens Trust which later became the Taronga Zoological Park Trust. 

176 Zoological Gardens

The first exhibits to be built were the seal ponds, elephant temple, monkey pits, top entrance, aviaries, paths and roadways and the refreshment rooms. In all, 228 mammals, 552 birds and 64 reptiles were moved from Moore Park to Taronga. Many, including the elephants, crossed the harbour on board a flat top barge.  

Taronga Zoo was officially opened on October 7th, 1916. 

This postcard therefore was taken between 1883 and 1916. 

120 Taronga Zoo

120 The location of the original Zoo120 Site of the old Zoo, now a sports stadiumTaronga Zoo entrance as it is now


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