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Circular Quay aka Sydney Cove
Customs House is one of Sydney's historic landmark buildings, which has featured in the working and cultural life of the city since it was constructed in 1845. “For over 150 years, Customs House played an active role as the primary trade gateway for goods and people flowing into Sydney and Australia.” Customs House is located on a significant site where the local Eora people are said to have watched the First Fleet land. The Aboriginal flag is now permanently flown from the building. The Australian Customs Service occupied Customs House until 1990.  In 1994,  the City of Sydney was given the building to operate by the Federal Government
Sydney Ferries can trace its roots as far back as the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove where in 1789, the first ferry service was established from the Cove to the farming settlement of Parramatta. The first ferry, officially named the Rose Hill Packet (otherwise known as 'The Lump'), was crafted by convicts and powered by sails and oars. Trips inland from Sydney Cove to Parramatta typically took up to one week to complete. As time progressed, a series of rowboat ferrymen set up small operations to transport people from either side of Sydney Harbour. In 1861, the North Shore Ferry Company was established which operated the very first commercial ferry service across Sydney Harbour
                                    #6 - Circular Quay                                                           
                                    #248 - Customs House, Circular Quay                                                           
     #8 - Circular Quay, Sydney                                                           
Despite its name, the waterfront at the quay is roughly square in shape.
#454 - Circular Quay, 1788                         
The first fleet arrived in what is now known as Sydney, in January 1788.  This is probably what they saw.
     #56 - Circular Quay, Sydney                                                           
     #195 - Circular Quay, Sydney                                                           
     #140 - Circular Quay, Sydney                                                           
     #260 - Circular Quay showing Ferry Steamers                                                           
#298 - Circular Quay looking west with customs house tucked in behind the building in the foreground
#299 - Circular Quay, looking eastwards 
“The terminus for Sydney’s main tramway service.  From here start cars for no fewer that twenty eight different destinations”
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#75 - Circular Quay, from Milsons Point