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Western Australia
          1659 map prepared by Joan Blaeu based on voyages by Abel Tasman and Willem Jansz                                             
The first European visitor to Western Australia was the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog, who visited the Western Australian coast in 1616. The first European settlement of Western Australia occurred following the landing by Major Edmund Lockyer on 26 December 1826 of an expedition on behalf of the New South Wales colonial government.    He established a convict- supported military garrison at King George III Sound, at present-day Albany in the south. The first explorer to gain a favourable opinion of the Swan River was Captain James Stirling, who explored the area in March 1827. With relatives in the powerful British East India Company, Stirling was predisposed to the idea of a West Australian colony with potential for Indian Ocean trade.  It was Captain Stirling that gave the name Perth  after Perth, in Scotland