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Man O War  Steps and Farm Cove
#175 - Farm Cove and Man-of-war Steps
#186 -  Man-of-war Stairs
#184 -  Man-o-war Steps
#315-  Man-of-war Steps
MAN O`WAR STEPS This Landing Area, Erected For The Royal Navy, WasTaken Over By The Royal Australian Navy in 1913. For150 Years, Man O`War Steps Served As A Landing AndEmbarkation Point For Men Of The British And Australian FleetsIn Peace And War. From These Steps 2,215 Officers And Sailors Of TheRoyal Australian Navy Left To Serve Their CountryIn The Great War 1914-1918, The Second World War1939 - 1945, Korea, Malaya and Vietnam, Never To ReturnTo Enjoy The Fruits Of Their Labours In Their NativeLand Ye Who Tread Their Footsteps, Remember Their Glory Erected By The Naval Association Of Australia 30th January,1983.
#491-  Botanical Gardens and Farm Cove
#187-  Farm Cove
#185-  Farm Cove