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Places of religion
              #24- Scots Church    
              #129- Cardinals Palace,  Manly   
              #476- Holy Trinity,  Millers Point 
Scots Church, the first Presbyterian Church in Sydney, built in 1827.
Scots Church, Sydney;      Cardinals Palace, Manly;     Holy Trinity Church, Millers Point;  St Mark’s, Darling Point
Scots Church, Sydney
Cardinals Palace, Manly
In the 1850s the NSW government was anxious to see both Anglican and Catholic archbishops properly housed. After deliberation over various sites, 60 acres of land at Manly were promised to the Catholic Church in 1859. The grant was finally signed in 1879. The Archbishop's residence, commonly referred to as the Cardinal's Palace, was built in the domestic Gothic style and finished in 1886 at a cost of £10,000
Holy Trinity Church, Millers Point
The Garrison Church, also known as Holy Trinity in Millers Point, Sydney was the first military church built in colonial Australia.  It continues as an active Anglican church, now in a joint parish with St Philip's Church,  part of the Diocese of Sydney. The foundation stone reads:-  “This Foundation stone of a Church in Honour of the Holy Trinity, erected with the aid of Her Majesty's Government, by the Inhabitants of the Parish of Saint Phillip in the Town of Sydney, and Colony of New South Wales, was laid by the Right Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Bishop of Australia, on the XXIII Day of June, in the year of our Lord MDCCCXL, the IV year of the Reign of Queen Victoria, and the LIII of the Colony, Sir George Gipps, Knight, being Governor. The Bishop of Australia, Trustee; the Rev William Cowper, chaplain of St Phillips, Major George Barney, commanding Royal Engineers, Robert Campbell junior, merchant, acting Committee for the Building.” MDCCCXL = 1840
              #312- St Mark’s,  Darling Point