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Post Offices of Sydney
              #223- Post Office, North Sydney     
Annandale Post Office  in Johnston Street was designed by Walter Liberty Vernon and built in 1905   
Walter Liberty Vernon's early career began in England, where he developed a practice that produced buildings in the fashionable Queen Anne style that was current. Vernon, however, developed bronchitic asthma and was advised to leave England for the Colonies for health reasons. Prior to his departure, Vernon managed to gain a commission to erect new premises for Messrs David Jones and Company in George Street. He arrived in 1883 and set up practice.
              #205- Annandale Post Office    
              #297- General Post Office, Sydney, in 1840    
The present GPO building was the fifth General Post Office in Sydney. The first post office was part of the building owned by Isaac Nichols in Lower George St Sydney from 1810-1819. Following his death the post office was moved to the Naval Officer's house and from 1 April 1820 was located in the Wharfinger's Hut on King's Wharf. George Panton conducted business as postmaster there until he removed the post office to his house on Bunker's Hill (in the Rocks) but this move was not popular and by 1825 the PO was again at the wharf. In 1826 the post office was again moved to the Sheriff's office in Bent St at the rear of the Department of Public Instruction building. After a commission of enquiry into the post office in 1828 it was again moved to the right wing of the Customs office in George St and by 1845 it occupied the entire building. Extensive repairs to this building were carried out in 1847 and an impressive portico was erected in place of the verandah.
              #58- General Post Office, Sydney.   
              #4  - General Post Office, Sydney.   
Built over a 25 year period between 1864 and 1891, The Post Office marks the heart of the city on Martin Place.
North Sydney Post Office opened 1889, renamed North Sydney 1890. The first post office in North Sydney was opened on 1 May 1854, trading under the name of St Leonards, the official name for the area until 1890. Mr G H Stevens was appointed first postmaster in 1854 with an annual salary of £12, retiring in 1870 due to deteriorating health. The St Leonards post office serviced a large area of the lower North Shore, and by 1874 it was recommended that a 'Branch' post and telegraph office be established at North Shore, upgrading the current office to an official post office with telegraph facilities.
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